Shipping Options

Currently, we offer 5 shipping options:

  1. Fulfillment by Winkler Market (same day delivery)
  2. Fulfillment by Winkler Market (delivery within 7 days)
  3. Fulfilled by Winkler Market (ships in 7-10 days for custom orders/made-on-demand items)
  4. Curb side pick up
  5. Shipping by mail
Fulfillment By Winkler Market
If you order with the Fulfillment by Winkler Market option, we will send a driver to pick up your order at the stores ordered and your items will be delivered to your door.
Curb Side Pick Up
If you choose to pick up your order at the store, please contact the store before picking up your item.
Shipping By Mail
Some stores will give you the option to receive your order by mail. The shipping price will be determined by each vendor.

Notice that not all stores will give you the option to get your items delivered by mail.

Please note, shipping time when shipped by mail can not be controlled by vendors.

Holidays may affect shipping time.

Ordering from multiple Vendors in one order

When placing an order from multiple vendors in one order, there will be only one shipping charge for the whole order. Select the shipping option that you prefer.

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